A long strip of land stuck between the turquoise sea and the Sierra Blanca mountains; about 23 beaches and over 27 kilometers of coastline, this is the Costa del sol!  This is Marbella!

The town of Marbella is geographically located right in the middle of this enchanting stretch of Spanish coast to the west of Gibraltar and east of Malaga.

Loved by tourists from all over the world for its constant mild climate and very long beaches, it is very popular thanks to the visits of many famous people, from George Clooney to Antonio Banderas, who bought their house here, making this area even more exclusive and a tourist destination. excellence.

The first thing to visit as soon as you arrive in the town, is the very long and lively promenade of Puerto Banus. It is the city’s marina and you will find moored sailing boats and luxury yachts, as well several pretty and little places to enjoy tapas right on the seafront at any time of the day or night.

If you love golf, you are absolutely in the right place, since in the surroundings there are at least a dozen of fields surrounded by sea and mountains.But, now is the is time to start discovering the many beaches of the city: like of Venus and La Fontanilla, Puerto Banus and San Pedro Alcantara that are awarded each year with the prestigious blue flag for the quality of the sea, safety, services and environmental management, this is one more reason to get lost in the enchantment of this sea and enjoy them fully.

Among the most beautiful beaches we definitely find Nikki Beach, home to one of the most exclusive beach clubs in the area, surrounded by rocky walls and crystal clear waters. If you want to party and spend a lively evening in the right place, the beach is famous for its parties that last until dawn.

But, if after a lot of fun you want a quieter day move to Playa el Alicate, this is the ideal place for those who love spending their days on the beach in complete tranquility. The atmosphere is made even more relaxing by the dark color of the sand, or head to Playa Nagüeles, one of Marbella’s most luxurious beaches with his fine golden sand that during the hours when the sun is stronger this gives an even more luxurious and captivating touch.Before leaving these enchanting lands, do not forget to visit the historic center of Marbella, a melting pot of various identities and architectural styles.

The most important square is undoubtedly the Plaza de los Naranjos, which overlooks the elegant town hall built in the 1500s during in Renaissance style, next to the house of the mayor that incorporate the roof in Mudejar style. To complete the picture we find the chapel of Santiago, the oldest religious building in the city. Inside the historic center, visit the ancient remains of the Arab walls and the Spanish engraving museum in the Bazan Hotel.

Then lose yourself in the maze of narrow streets lined with houses, shops, delicious bars and restaurants, taste the delicious local dishes: pescado frito, cold tomato gazpacho and the ajoblanco (a tasty soup made with garlic, oil and almonds ) all accompanied with wine from nearby Malaga. The best way to toast and greet this elegant city.

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Bayliner 2855 Ciera

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