Amazing island in the middle of the  Mediterranean Sea, Malta’s archipelago has three main islands, called Malta, Gozo and Comino. Halfway between  Italy,  Turkey  and Africa, you can find different tourist  attractions,  everything you could want: enchanting beaches, nightlife and some UNESCO heritage sites. Let´s go!

The first thing to see is undoubtedly Valletta, the capital of the archipelago. With its narrow lanes and perfectly preserved historical centre, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. A visit will allow you to discover museums, palaces, baroque treasures. The Republic Street is the commercial heart, the city’s main street, where dominate the best international brands and boutiques, and also local shops.

Hal Saflieni Ipogeo is located in Paola, about 5 km away from Valletta, and is the only underground prehistoric temple in the world. It has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and its construction dates back to 3600 BC. It is a must to visit it!

The third site of humanity is the Ggantija Temple on the island of Gozo. The complex dates back to 3,600 BC. And it takes the name from its size, which in Maltese language means the giant one.

Marrying to the sea, the archipelago offers stunning landscapes. By staying on the island of  Malta, take a dip at Mellieħa beach, shallow waters and fine beach make it the ideal destination for families. Near the Mgrr you can admire the  Golden Bay and the  Paradise Bay. Wake up in   Ghajn Tuffieha Bay (also known as Riviera Martinique or Riviera), a little paradise that is less accessible for tourists because it can be reached just on foot as there is a tall flight of steps or comfortably from your boat and stay until the sunset, the landscape is fabulous!

Move to Gozo to discover the famous Grotto of Calypso. According to the legend, nymph Calypso held Ulysses as a prisoner for seven years. The cave is located on the beach of Ramla, and from the sea the scenery is even more amazing. For something really special, swim close to the Xwejni Bay slopes.

The smallest of the islands is Comino there are no roads practicable by car or by other vehicle means, so the only thing to do there, is to enjoy on the beach or on the boat. The most popular bay is the Blue Lagoon, known for its spectacular turquoise and always warm waters, highly recommended for snorkelling. You can even reach the small island of Cominotto (Kemmutten) by swimming and explore it on foot. If you would like to clear your mind you could go to St. Marija Bay and the Crystal Lagoon surrounded by cliffs overlooking the sea!

Finally for the nightlife entertainment, visit local bars in St Julians and Paceville just a few miles from La Valletta, you will have plenty of choices!

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Motor Boat Fleet


Starting at € 6000 per day

Armon 110

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  • icons 150 L/h
  • icons 2 x 625
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  • icons 16
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Gobi 27 Sport

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

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  • icons 26 kn
  • icons1

Starting at € 400 per day

Monterrey 208

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 6.7
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  • icons 45 l/h
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  • icons 32 kn
  • iconsinherit

Starting at € 400 per day

Starfisher 10.60

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 10.6
  • icons max 12
  • icons 30 l/h
  • icons 2 x 260
  • icons crew 0
  • icons 1
  • icons 30 kn
  • icons1

Starting at € 450 per day

Bayliner 2855 Ciera

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 8.6
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  • icons 40 l/h
  • icons inherit
  • icons crew 0
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  • icons 30 kn
  • icons1

Starting at € 4100 per day

Amercraft 88

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 25.6
  • icons max 12
  • icons 450 l/h
  • icons 2 x 1300
  • icons crew 3
  • icons 6
  • icons 20 kn
  • icons6

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