Discover an unexpected piece of Greece: this is Santorini. Far from any common place this island of the volcano, the pearl of the Cyclades, will surprise you. Famous throughout the world for its sunsets, which make it the ideal destination for honeymoons, also offers the less romantic attractions and attractions within its famous caldera.

Begin exploring the island from Oia, to enjoy the world’s most photographed sunset. The blue domes will be lit in the light of a red sky that will surround the whole village. You can not really miss it! After rethinking the soul, skip one of the 10 most famous bookstores in the world. The Atlantis Book is a small paradise overflowing with books (in Greek, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German) with lots of aphorisms on the walls and owners of how eccentric.

Head to the smallest villages, which are the real heart of the island. Arrived at Firostefani, and in the quaint village of Imerovigli to admire the sunset with fewer tourists around. The view will be breathtaking: all the caldera that will open in front of your eyes, with the Skaros fortress that changes color, take advantage of it to visit. Walking around to Pyrgos, then you will almost seem to be on another island. Moor the boat at Thira Skàla‘s marina and take the funicular that will take you to a height of 220 m in a few minutes to admire the whole caldera. Thira (or Fira) famous for shopping, where

Find from brand boutiques to handicraft shops. Then go down the alleyways where you can stroll through lively nightlife, luxury hotels stuck in one another, taverns and restaurants to taste the famous Greek cuisine. Enjoy dolmades: vine leaves filled with rice, onions, tomatoes and aromatic herbs. I’m a specialty. It’s time to enjoy the beaches. Here you will not find white and soft sand, you are on the caldera of an active volcano and see! The most famous is Red Beach, a red promontory with sand and reddish and black pebbles. Of volcanic origin, you can admire it from your boat and dive in crystal clear waters (you will be so far away from the thousands of tourists who crowd it every day).

Take advantage of the stop to visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri, an ancient minoic civilization buried by the ashes of the volcano during the eruption of 1614 BC. Other beaches worthy of note are Perissa, 7 kilometers of black sand and pebbles that thanks to its crystal clear sea allows you to practice many water sports, including snorkeling. That of Kamari, and the least known of Vlychada on the southern tip. You will find gray black sand and a tuff cliff, for an almost moonish landscape. White beach is the only beach on the island with white sand, named after the white cliffs that stand behind the shoreline. Getting there will be a bit complicated but by mooring your boat you will have no problems and you will be charmed by a tuchese sea.
To feel all the power of the volcano seriously, head towards Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Therasia in the middle of the caldera of the old sunken crater. Exciting is the bath in the Hot Springs: sulfur water springs. You will love in Santorini and you will hear all the magic of the earth, a living earth and constantly changing. Have a good trip!

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Motor Boat Fleet


Starting at € 6000 per day

Armon 110

icons SPAIN(Mallorca)

  • icons 33.9
  • icons max 0
  • icons 150 L/h
  • icons 2 x 625
  • icons crew 5
  • icons 5
  • icons 16
  • icons5

Starting at € 600 per day

Gobi 27 Sport

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 9
  • icons max 7
  • icons 90 l/h
  • icons 2 x 205
  • icons crew 0
  • icons 1
  • icons 26 kn
  • icons1

Starting at € 400 per day

Monterrey 208

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 6.7
  • icons max 7
  • icons 45 l/h
  • icons 220
  • icons crew 0
  • icons 1
  • icons 32 kn
  • iconsinherit

Starting at € 400 per day

Starfisher 10.60

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 10.6
  • icons max 12
  • icons 30 l/h
  • icons 2 x 260
  • icons crew 0
  • icons 1
  • icons 30 kn
  • icons1

Starting at € 450 per day

Bayliner 2855 Ciera

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 8.6
  • icons max 10
  • icons 40 l/h
  • icons inherit
  • icons crew 0
  • icons 1
  • icons 30 kn
  • icons1

Starting at € 4100 per day

Amercraft 88

icons SPAIN(Ibiza)

  • icons 25.6
  • icons max 12
  • icons 450 l/h
  • icons 2 x 1300
  • icons crew 3
  • icons 6
  • icons 20 kn
  • icons6

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